Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Journey Begins!

Day 1 of  LappAdventure 2015

Began Wednesday April 22nd with 9am and 11:30 Yoga classes and left Woodstock at 4:30pm to arrive at our first stop in FL at Midnight.

Woke up Thursday morning at 8:30 after an amazing night's sleep at the Fairfield Inn at Clermont and left for breakfast at InfusionTea (highly recommend ). The Florida Turnpike proved to be an exercise in patience as did the road closures for a local race that ended up running along the streets in front of our condo once we arrived in Miami. After making our way into the condo (through the downpouring rain) we were able to unpack the car quite easily and trek our way through the elevators and 18 floors of corridors.

The trickiest part of leaving life behind for training is the uncertainty around every corner. In reality, life is filled with uncertainty. While we become comfortable in our day to day life, and we see some elements of consistency, even our "consistent" life is filled with uncertainty. I love that I have this opportunity to put life on hold for 22 days and embrace uncertainty as an actual practcie. I am grateful that my family is with me and embarking on the same journey. I am grateful that after a very full day of non-stop action and adventure I am enjoying it all with my family. Shawn and I will be up before the sun and enjoying our first walk to the Epic Hotel tomorrow. We carry our friends and students with us the whole way.  Here is to a fabulous day one!